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More Surge TalkAbout Labels

First of all, thanks for the bandwidth, I know this is off topic, but so
many people responded to my posts about having winning Surge labels that
this is the only way to let folks know that I have some more <g>.

I currently have two winning labels with can be redeemed for two pair of
Motorola Talk about radios (4 units total). 

Here's what I would like to get for the radios. I would like a ME-2000 kit
and a PB-1 kit from Ramsey Electronics (http://www.ramseyelectronics.com). I
figure this would be a pretty good deal for someone since the radios sell
new for about $80 each.

If anyone is interested, just drop me an email and we'll work out the

Now to make this a space related post, why does it seem that on many of the
passes of AO-27 segments of the pass seem to be getting clobbered with what
sounds like someone just holding down the PTT button and not saying
anything? Is this some form of easily explained terrestrial interference or
is someone who just 'get's their kicks' out of ruining it for everyone else?

73 de Jeff W4JEF
           ---- Jeff Johns W4JEF - Reserve Patrol Captain ----
           ---    Jefferson County Sheriff's Department    ---
           ---           Birmingham, Alabama USA           ---
           - Warn others of the NWO conspiracy! Numbers 10:9 -
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