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RE: Modern Engineers


And another thing, I had to walk to school ten miles uphill, each way, in
deep snow, and I was lucky! Kids these days, sheesh! I was doing non-linear
diffeqs and nodal analysis in my head before I graduated from high school.
this IEEE accredidation hooha is just abunch of bleeding heart liberal

- Mark West

p.s. Are you privy to the numbers of engineering school hopefulls that don't
     make it based 100% on their GPA? The 'adjusted' requirements you refer
     apply to feshmen level entry only, not to engineering school entry. The
     entry of a pool of students of lower capability effectively exculdes a
     number of more qualified applicants, thus those qualified students that
     are left are of a higher calibre. The less qualifed will never make it
     into engineering school and are rarely interested anyway, thus an 
     engineering school applicant will find his peers (and rivals) to be of
     higher calibre. The ones who don't make it will get business or finance


> The failure of the Mars probe is typical nowadays with engineers just out
> college trying to build a space craft from textbooks.  Just look at the 
> number of failures in all aspects of engineering.  It is not safe to be a 
> passenger on a train, automobile or plane.  Requirements for a degree in 
> engineering have been lowered to the level of a high school degree of
> years ago thanks to our government trying to educate minorities who will 
> never have the desire or energy to keep this country running.
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