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A book for you

     Hello satellite fans. I just thought maybe everyone would
like to know about a book which, although it doesn't mention
satellites directly, contains space SciFi adventure stories, some
with an amateur radio flavor.
     It's my just-published book "LOW, LOW TIDE & Collected
Stories" by Steve E. McCallum, W2ZBY (ex-K4URX), Lexington, KY
(formerly of Bergen Co., NJ; and as K4URX of Key West, Fl, and
Owensboro and Louisville KY. 
     Amateur radio plays a no-nonsense life-saving role in the
title story, "LOW, LOW TIDE," a murder-adventure novella about a
ham working as a tide observer in the lower Florida Keys. 
     In another story, "TO ERR IS HUMAN," a Science Fiction tale,
the principal character is a fictitious ham's "artificial
intelligence" whose AI organization is planning to take over the
United States and the world. 
     The "Collected Stories" are in three categories: Tales of
Today, Tomorrow and Bygone Days. The 200-page book is available by e-mail
directly from the publisher Xlibris.com; online book +store
Amazon.com; or ordered at any book store. 
     Hey, if you'd like a genuine "Author-signed" edition, send
me your copy ($1.15 U.S. Postal, marked "Book Rate") and a note
telling how you want your name and/or call sign inscribed and
I'll gladly sign it for you and return it. (No charge, of
     If you're inclined to holler "SPAM!" at me, please consider:
I don't expect to get rich on this book; I just think you'll
enjoy it--BUT, if by chance, enough people in the world SHOULD
happen to buy it to put me on the "best seller" list, I'll make a
real generous donation to Phase IIID and AMSAT. Deal?
     73 to all -- Steve, W2ZBY, AMSAT No. 31445        
     P.S.-- BTW, if "LOW, LOW TIDE" had been published in 1929 it
would have been banned in Boston! But today? Shucks, barely an A,
N, L, or V rating!  But, it's NOT a "kiddie" book.

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