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Re: Gnd.stn. in a LAN ?!

Chris Elmquist wrote:

> they offer clients and servers for many platforms-- so that you can
> control a Windoz box from a Linux box or a Linux box can be controlled
> from a Windoz box (Who'd ever do that!?).

*I* did for a while. KB3DVJ and I live together, and we have a LAN in our
apartment. We installed Redhat 5.2 on a 486 so we could use IP Masqerade to
share an ISP connection. Our personal machines were Win95. We wanted to start
and stop the ISP connection from the Windows machines, and root can't telnet in,
at least in the default configuration. (I got much more Linux savvy later.
:-))So my friend Julie Case pointed me to VNC...which *rocks* a lot. Now I use
it all the time at work to remote administer NT machines.

Evetually a lightning strike totalled the 486...so I replaced it with the P-120
that had been my Win95 machine, intending to buy a new machine to run Windows. I
installed RedHat 6.0 onto a brand new 8 gig drive....and somehow I never got
around to buying another machine...my home machine is 100% Linux now, although I
have a P-200 laptop I plug in occasionally. So now I leave the Linux machine
connected when I go into work, because I VNC to the Linux box at home whan I
wanna do something there I can't do by FTP or Telnet. 

One of the delightful things about a VNC server is that it doesn't require
special client software at the other end: just a Java-enabled browser. It's

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