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Re: Gnd.stn. in a LAN ?!

Along these lines, you might find this package useful.  We use it here
extensively for remotely controlling Windoz based equipment from Linux
and Unix workstations.


they offer clients and servers for many platforms-- so that you can
control a Windoz box from a Linux box or a Linux box can be controlled
from a Windoz box (Who'd ever do that!?).

Very nice package.


Dennis Dease wrote:
> Greetings,
> Instead of HTML, you might consider remote desktop/application sharing.
> This can easily be accomplished today using the current version of Micros=
> oft
> Netmeeting in remote desktop sharing mode. I've done it at my home over m=
> y
> small home LAN, to control WiSP and PSK31.  (It even works quite well ove=
> r a
> 28,800 modem) Only one user can be logged on the station at a time, tho.
> LINUX has a similar remote desktop/application sharing functionality  (an
> acronym that begins with the letter "A", but I forget it's name).  UNIX h=
> as
> had this ability much longer than Microsoft.  Our data labs at work use t=
> he
> UNIX version of this over a LAN daily to control applications remotely.  =
> You
> could have two instances of control, one that limits the user to everythi=
> ng
> except transmit, each password protected.  The UNIX version could probabl=
> y
> be IP address protected as well...
> 73,
> Dennis - N4NR
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> Subject: [amsat-bb] Gnd.stn. in a LAN ?!
> > Hi Satellite User!
> >
> > I want to know if a reader of this list has done some experiments to
> > implement a typical ham-satellite-groundstation in a LAN?
> > So that a remote operator can adjust the receiver, see the logfiles
> created
> > by WISP, setup the scheduler and so on.
> > The background of my request is to implement an existing
> > amateur-satellite-station in an existing schoolwide LAN. The LAN is a
> > intranet with TCP/IP protocols and a dialup modem to the internet. The
> > licensed teacher and pupils should acess the two-way section via a
> password
> > protected webpage and the non-licensed should only acess a restricted a=
> rea
> > to read bulletins and see satellite images.
> > I know that some time ago some list members have discussed this. But I
> don't
> > know who this was and with which results the discussion finished.
> >
> > BTW: The equipment is a FT-847, FT-736, TNC2c (1k2), TNC2h (9k6), Penti=
> um
> > 166 with WISP under WIN95 and the server is a Pentium 166 under LINUX w=
> ith
> a
> > 2.2.10 kernel. Additional pc-hardware is no problem.
> >
> >
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Chris Elmquist
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