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Manchester mod

I got this from Tim, N8DEU who was the first to build my suggested
Manchester mod to the TAPR-2.... for uplinking to AO16/LO19/IO26:

"Actually, I inverted the clock because it did not appear to be
working.  After looking at a PSK-1 modulator design for the
disconnect header I found the clock is inverted through the use
of  a divider chip.  Thus, it struck me to try inverting the clock
and wall-la it worked."

So in addition to the XOR gate, you may need an inverter too.
But on my TINY-2 schematic there is an inverter already on the TXD
so maybe it would also work if you simply XORED the non-inverted TXD with 
the existing clock?  Thus you may not need the inverter.

Anyway, somthing to expermient with...

I ask the theorists, of the four ways to XOR clock and data, will only 1
work, or will two of them work?

de WB4APR, Bob

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