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Gnd.stn. in a LAN ?!

Hi Satellite User!

I want to know if a reader of this list has done some experiments to
implement a typical ham-satellite-groundstation in a LAN?
So that a remote operator can adjust the receiver, see the logfiles created
by WISP, setup the scheduler and so on. 
The background of my request is to implement an existing
amateur-satellite-station in an existing schoolwide LAN. The LAN is a
intranet with TCP/IP protocols and a dialup modem to the internet. The
licensed teacher and pupils should acess the two-way section via a password
protected webpage and the non-licensed should only acess a restricted area
to read bulletins and see satellite images.
I know that some time ago some list members have discussed this. But I don't
know who this was and with which results the discussion finished. 

BTW: The equipment is a FT-847, FT-736, TNC2c (1k2), TNC2h (9k6), Pentium
166 with WISP under WIN95 and the server is a Pentium 166 under LINUX with a
2.2.10 kernel. Additional pc-hardware is no problem.

73 Wolf

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