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Re: rotor backlash

->   Now when the AZ rotor moves and stops while tracking, the whole
-> system swings back and forth several degs. Some times causing the AZ
-> rotor to move back and forth trying to point at the satellite. I
-> didn't have this problem with the old 7 1/2 ft cross boom.

Hi Mike,
I have observed the same effect. I am using an 8 foot solid fiberglass
boom from Max-Gain Systems here in Georgia. In addition to my sat beams,
I have a Moseley TA-33 Classic HF beam on the mast.

I believe the problem is due to two basic forces at work: momentum
created by getting a weight with a large turning radius moving, then
trying to make a quick stop. Secondly, I didn't guy the top section of
my crank-up tower, so therefore I have no damping effect at the top.
Does my situation compare to yours any?

Steve Diggs W4EPI

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