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RE: MARS Climate Observer -- Failure Mode

"goofus, doofus metric units?" I used to work for the DOD, I met alot 
of guys in the fabrication shops that used words like that. They called 
themselves engineers, but they were really just technicians.

- Mark West

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In case all you bubbas don't realize it, that particular group
(Lockheed-Martin Astronautics Flight Systems) has been working with JPL for
many, many years.  Also, they have been working intensely since the launch
of the MCO for the last 9 months! I mean severely intensely they have been
working together.  Now you would think that someone at JPL would figure out
that we still work in English units.  Why haven't all you bubbas figured out
why Congress has not mandated that the United States of America will use
metric and make its usage the law of the land.  Congress considers itself to
be such a brilliant bunch of bubbas and bubbets.  We use metric because the
Department of Defense, who has been our traditional customer from the
beginning of time, has never, never mandated us to use metric.  I work on a
classified satellite program right now and no one has ever told us -- from
the head bubba at the customer shop to the lowest end bureaucrat -- to
switch to metric.  I look at drawings every day that use ft/lbs/inches, and
mass properties that are in slug-ft^2.  As a spacecraft attitude control
engineer I only know angular momentum in ft-lb-sec and not in a bunch of
goofus, doofus metric units.  JPL was responsible for all the guidance,
navigation, and control and they sent the commands! They are the ones that
screwed the pooch on this one.  But just you wait, JPL will try to figure
out how it was our fault! That is the JPL way!


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