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Re: Another apology

    It is with egg all over my face that I make another apology to the BB.  I
    really was tired when I made my initial posting concerning FO-20.  First
    a wrong down link freq. and then listing the pass time an hour EARLY. 
    Actually the first easterly pass for me is 22:10 UTC and NOT at 21:10. 
    Please excuse the typos and an old man's senility.  Hopefully all things
    are now go and we'll still have a great passes of FO-20 on Thur. Sept.
    30.  Again my aploogies and please excuse the bandwidth.  

Don't worry about it; we all make mistakes (especially common on pass times)
and so if it's just off by an hour, most folks will probably figure it out.
You're one of the stations i've heard most on FO-20 in the past week, and
you're doing pretty well for working with two rigs and no automatic controls.
Hope to work you someday on AO-27 as well.  73's and good luck!

                           -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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