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pac sat help needed

I need advice on building a pacsat station.  I have an older 10m FM rig (TPL 
TR-29) for an IF receiver and converter for 70cm to 10m.  I want to modify 
this radio for 9600b FSK because my HT (Kenwood TH-79a) is constructed with 
surface mount components and modifying the HT looks very difficult if not 
impossible.  I have looked at all the Internet sites to find the schematics 
for the 10m radio, and I was not able to find any.  Along with modifying 
this old radio I think it needs repair or an alignment.  This would not be 
too difficult if I had the schematics.  What are some other options?  I was 
also considering purchasing a cheap narrow band FM receiver (such as a 
weather radio) and feeding it the IF from another radio.  Most radios use 
10.7MHz and 455KHz for their IF frequencies.  This would cut the cost and 
make modification simple.  Are there cheap 440 rigs that are relatively 
simple to modify for FSK?  I recall someone mentioning modifying an Alinco 
440 radio on the bb.  At this point I donít have the cash to buy a brand new 
FT-847 (although Iíd love to), but I would appreciate the help from someone 
who has experience working on these kinds of projects.  Thank you in advance 
and 73ís de KQ6UP.

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