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Re: AO16/LO19 Traknet Operational!

<bruninga wrote>:
>> MANCHESTER TNC*:    ANY TAPR-2 TNC CLONE can generate Manchester
>> with the simple addition of an 89 cent XOR gate and a switch.  THus,
>> almost anyone can transmit from his mobile 2m FM rig...  For details
>> see TRAKNET.TXT in any of the APRSdos docs, or AMSAT Journal, or visit
>>        http://web.usna.navy.mil/~bruninga/traknet.html

On 25 Sept 199, Tovar wrote:
> So, let's see....  Is this the scheme that has a transition at every bit
> cell boundary, and another in the middle of the bit cell for a '1'?
>          _________                    ________           __________________
>  Data   |         |__________________|        |_________|                  |_
>          ____      ________           ____     _________      ___      ____
>  Signal |    |____|        |_________|    |___|         |____|   |____|    |_
> which is self-clocking..

Yes,  AND having done that, there is always a transition at least at 1200
Hz rate, so you dont need a MODEM.  Just low pass filter it and plug it
into the Mic-Jack of any 2m FM radio.  So the $2 WB4APR mod for manchester
not only converts to Manchester bits, but also replaces the MODEM...

de Bob

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