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New Kenwood APRS Radio

Kenwoods APRS (PACSAT) Moble Radio

At DCC, Kenwood informally revealed a prototype APRS Mobile (PACSAT) 
radio.  This was a courtesy demo only. The radio does not yet exist, so
do them a favor and DO NOT PESTER YOUR KENWOOD DEALERS until Christmas.
The radio looks like TM-V7 but with a larger orange screen.  It 
appears to have the following interesting characteristics:
  - All THD7 features plus dozens of enhancements
  - FUll front panel text message send-receive (like THD7)
  - 9600 baud Pacsat capable. crossband TNC.  With KISS
  - Full front panel general packet monitor display (See scrolling
    packets on any channel, not just APRS)
  - All band rcv 118 MHz to 1300 MHZ, (optimized only in HAM bands)
  - Remote control head (always)

I will have one of these at the AMSAT conference and will discuss the
pro's and con's of mobile two-way FRONT PANEL APRS communications via
the 9600 baud PACSATS (No laptop needed!)...

The receiver is very good.  I wonder what the minimum gain antenna will be
for a reasonable downlink...?  We did a test on the roof parking lot and
got near full scale readings from UO22 with a handheld 3el yagi.

 de WB4APR

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