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RE: SO-35 18:00 UTC Pass

Hello all.

In Sunday 19 Th september i was working SUNSAT (SO-35) Pass 18:00 UTC
i live in the NW of Mexico, and i heard strongs signals many Stations from

one station from USA is K7MT Bill in Montana DN46 with report 5/9 +
other station from CANADA is VE6EGN  Name: Egon, the grid DO-23
with report 5/9 +
and many Station From USA from here.  no noise, like a Local repeater
is real very loud and Clear Audio from  SO-35.

73's de XE2EKY. Hector

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Can someone send a schedule for this satellite?  I listened today and it
didn't seem to be on.  I used the frequencies below.  All I heard was static


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Hello I'm HECTOR,   yesterday sunday 19th September i was working
SUNSAT (SO-35) and i heard strongs signals  and many stations from USA and
CANADA  with loud and clear AUDIO signal like a Local repeater in my meter
5/9 plus..!!!

and SUNSAT work in Mode B  436.291 - 145.825

73's to all and GOOD LUCK with DX's contacts by SATELLITE.


       (``\-.-/'`) XE2EKY. Hector Solorzano               
        `( 0 0 )`  Mexicali,  B.C.  Mex.         Grid Square: DM22

       .oO        E-Mail: xe2eky@cinco.ampr.org
       (  )   Oo. MS, Satellite: AO-27 RS-13 RS-15 FO-20 FO-29 R0MIR SO-35
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