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Re: IO-26 and APRS experiments

On Tue, 21 Sep 1999, William Erhardt and others wrote something like:

> Great News [about IO-26 now joining the AO16/LO19 APRS tests] - Can I
> help collect any data - If so any special software?...

The APRS experiments on AO16/LO19/IO26 are nothing more than UI packet
digipeating live through the birds.  BUT THE DIFFERENCE IS:

1) Any 2m FM mobile rig and Omni antenna can do the uplink with a common
TAPR-2 TNC and a $2 mod.  Thus ANY mobile can uplink his position/status
and/or messages from anywhere...

2) The real "force-multiplier" (to use a military term) is then having
a few ground stations link the downlink live into the worldwide APRServe
internet backbone where it can then be gated BACK to RF anywhere on the
planet.... LIVE. (These stations need PACSAT PSK UHF all mode stations).

So, all ANY station listening to the downlink does is take ANY UI
packets heard on the downlink and ship them via a TELNET connection to port 23.  Similarly, anyone on the  planet can view these
packets live via a TELNET connection to the same port.

The *easy* way to do this is simply run Mac/WinAPRS or APRS+SA software.
THis will let you not only see everyone on the map, but as long as you are
also logged onto your ISP at the same time, everyone else will see what
you see and you will see what everyone else sees... And your station will
relay back to RF any packets destined for stations local to you.

Thus Mobile to Mobile message comms anywhere on the planet are possible as
long as they are within RF range of ANY other APRS station logged on.  The
SATELLITE experiments are simply extending this RF range by 1000's of
miles around each such groundstation.  THus, ocean and global coverage.

de WB4APR, Bob

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