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Re: KCTT interface cable

You may want to verify the pinouts before buying the cable.
Just because it has a miniDIN-8 on one end and a DB-25 on the other
does not guarantee that it will work in your particular application.

I recently bought a miniDIN-8 to DB-9 cable, assuming the manufacturer
wired the thing like I needed it wired.
This turned out not to be the case.

Previous postings follow:
     > I dimly remember that the KCTT mini-DIN to DB-25 used with the 
Yaesu G-5500
     > rotor control box is actually an Apple computer cable.  If so, 
what does one
     > ask for?

     I 'believe' it's called a LocalTalk cable.


No, a miniDIN-8 is what Apple (and Silicon Graphics??) uses for RS-422 serial
cables (differential version of RS-232).  A LocalTalk cable is a single pair
cable which is daisy-chained with local LocalTalk transceivers.  Those things
connect to a Mac via a miniDIN-8, which may be where the confusion comes from.
But a miniDin-8 to DB25 probably is an Apple cable (or maybe an SGI cable).

All of the above connectors can be found in a Mouser catalog, and they don't
have a minimum order (their raison d'etre).  I can look up the pinouts if
anyone needs that.
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