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rotor backlash

Greetings from Alaska,

    I just reworked my Oscar antennas and tower. I wanted to separate
the antennas by using the M2 boom kit (11 feet over-all). I have a set
of Cushcraft "Boomers" a 2 1/2 ft dish and a 35 el 1.2GHz antenna on
the boom.

    Now when the AZ rotor moves and stops while tracking, the whole
system swings back and forth several degs. Some times causing the AZ
rotor to move back and forth trying to point at the satellite. I
didn't have this problem with the old 7 1/2 ft cross boom.

    I am using a Rohn BAS25G, bearing/accessory shelf and TB3 thrust
bearing and for the mast a 5 1/2 ft, 2'' fiberglass shaft.

    I was wondering if anyone has a fix for the back-lash other than
going back to the 7 1/2 ft. "X" cross boom or smaller antennas.

    Thanks,  Mike     WL7BQM

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