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Re: Antennas Signal Strength

I'm running about 35' of RG8 into a homebrewed4 element-pair dual-band
LPVA and am working FO-20, AO-27 and FO-29 (when it's in analog mode).
Of the group, i find FO-29 easiest to work (given linear polarity) and
FO-20 being the most fun, as it's up for longer and has wider coverage.
I'm not seeing the S-meter move very much, but if i can hear other
stations and they can hear me, then i'm not going to worry about it. 
I have AZ but not EL control (but the antenna is designed for AZ-only
operation, with gain comparable to an Arrow antenna).

You show try to hear the digitalker currently active on FO-29, even with
an HT.  That one *should* give you a meter reading.  Your antennas should
be *much* better than mine and ought to work without a pre-amp if your
line losses aren't too large.  But that sounds like *alot* of cable, so
your improvements over my own setup may be swamped by line loss.  As
Mike suggested, that may be your problem.  Also, check to see your AZ/EL
controls are functioning properly.  Other than that, i'll let the more
experienced folks comment on it.  Besides AO-27, i'm kinda of a 'newbie'
in terms of the other birds.  But by Mike's calculation, you'll be running
too much power for working AO-27 at rate power (please back off on the
DRIVE knob) and so it'll be a matter of whether you can hear it.  I've
been working it on 1W lately (even on weekends sometimes), so you should
be able to have some fun even before you get your cable issues under

73's and good luck.
                           -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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