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RE: [aprssig] Re: RE: AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!

So, would it be safe to say that by replacing some filters with 20 khz
bandwidth and a decent preamp, one could forget about doppler??


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 >You actually only need down tuning.  As the bird comes over the horizon 
 >toward you the doppler shift is greatest and only reduces to zero 
 >overhead and goes negative as it sails off to the other horizon.  I have 
 >found that max doppler shift has been less than 10 khz plus as it is 
 >first seen, and 10 khz minus as the satellite disappears.  The shift is 
 >much less than 10 khz if the satellite does not pass overhead.
 >John W. Wilson, KN4HX
 >On Sun, 19 Sep 1999, Bob Bruninga wrote:
 >> > > But of course, a $89 UHF downconverter and an old 10m SSB rig would
 >>make a
 >> > > great portable AO16/LO19 downlink..
 >> > 
 >> > Remember, most of the software that is out there on the market that does
 >> > rig tuning thinks it's going to see something nice and shiny-new, with
 >> > a computer post of some sort to talk to, so either you manual tune,
 >> > or get really familiar with C or whatever language your tracker/tuner
 >> > was written up in......
 >> I think most PSK modems generate up/dn key clicks.  My PSK1 only requires
 >> tuning initially at AOS, and from then on throuhgout the pass its hands
 >> off.  Since I was talking about portable operation, the assumption is that
 >> you manually tune out the doppler at the start of the pass until you get
 >> lock.  Most 10m SSB rigs (CB market) have microphone up/dn buttons..?  Im
 >> going to be using the RCI-2650 10m rig... (though not hooked up yet)...
 >> bob
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