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Re: SO-35

In a message dated 9/19/99 1:38:57 PM Mountain Daylight Time, kg5za@juno.com 

<< Hi all!
    Got blown out of the shack by SO-35!  Fantastic sig, considering
 I was monitoring with a HTX202 and J-Pole.  Lots of users so didn't try
 to access with the low power set up here.  Hope it continues that way!
                           "73"      John,   KG5ZA >>

I told a few ham friends up in Washington state to listen in on the pass 
using an HT with rubber duck and they were able to hear people making 
contacts all the way from Mexico to Canada.  They have never had any 
satellite experience and found it absolutely fascinating and said that it was 
as clear as a local repeater.  

That was a great mid continent pass and allowed west coast stations their 
first really good chance at the bird.

Lee Devlin,  K0LEE
Greeley, CO
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