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Re: FN53 Bailey Island, Maine

> Right after the pass ended, a sedan pulled up behind my car and a gentleman 
> stepped out wearing dark sunglasses. I should have figured something was 
> weird because it was cloudy out.

An astute observation Mike.  :-)  "Yep" definately not a good sign.

> He walked over and announced that he was 
> with Naval Intelligence (he had the credentials to prove it!) and wanted to 
> know what I was doing. I explained everything and he seemed satified but 
> still had me produce every bit of ID I was carrying. He wrote down all my 
> personal data including shoe size, and told me he'd be doing some routine 
> background checks.

Well, look at it this way Mike.  At least he didn't lob any incendiary
devices at you (a la Waco).  

73 //Garie  *K8KFJ*
AMSAT #32574

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