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FN53 Bailey Island, Maine

Howdy all,

Having survived Floyd and Naval Intelligence (more on that later) I want to 
thank everyone who worked me in FN53. The log shows 41 contacts in 5 passes, 
of which 2 were European passes. Interestingly, only two DX contacts were 
logged. EB4DKA and G1OCN. I had thought it would have been busier.

Thursday proved to be the most interesting day. I set up to do the 15:00 UTC 
pass in a parking lot in FN53bv. This is the pass where there seemed to be a 
high powered carrier on the bird effectively jamming it for all but high 
powered stations. I heard Anna, WS4Z calling me, but couldn't break through.

Right after the pass ended, a sedan pulled up behind my car and a gentleman 
stepped out wearing dark sunglasses. I should have figured something was 
weird because it was cloudy out. He walked over and announced that he was 
with Naval Intelligence (he had the credentials to prove it!) and wanted to 
know what I was doing. I explained everything and he seemed satified but 
still had me produce every bit of ID I was carrying. He wrote down all my 
personal data including shoe size, and told me he'd be doing some routine 
background checks. Finally I asked him if there was a problem. He said 
"because you're so close to the Base, I have to check."  He pointed to a 
chainlink fence behind the shopping center and said "that's the Bath, Maine 
Naval Air Station". Ooops.

The remants of Floyd hit us Thursday night and Friday, which cut down on the 
passes I did Friday. Even so, our location, at the southern tip of Bailey 
Island looking out to sea, provided for some spectacular surf conditions 
thanks to Floyd.

Mike, N1JEZ
AMSAT #29649
Local Area Coordinator
"A closed mouth gathers no feet." 
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