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Antennas Signal Strength

I just completed my station and need some comments on what kind of signal
strength readings I should be getting.

I have dual KLM's (22C & 40CX), Dual Landwear Preamps, 150' feet of
9913/flex, and a Yaesu FT-736R.  The birds I am currently trying to work are
AO-27 and FO-20.  I have no problem working the birds since they are low
flier, but I am interested in trying to work AO-10, RS-15, etc.  I haven't
been able to hear them.

I am not able to hear the birds unless I use my preamps on FO-20.  When the
birds come over the horizon I can hear it, but no meter reading.  I have
been told the my antenna needs some work on it, because I should be able the
work the low fliers without the preamps.

Also any comments on what to check would be appreciated.  I have check my
standing wave and it is below 1.5.


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