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RE: [aprssig] AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!


	Sounds like an interesting idea! How about no PC at all?? My off the
cuff idea would be to use one of those basic stamps to generate the
square wave output - yeah it's TTL, but does that matter if you're
thinking of using the DTR on RS232?? Not sure what the downlink is, but
if it's manchester as well, then a tap off the discriminator, couple of
transistors or an op amp and feed the radio's output back into the
stamp?? I've only been using the stamp for about 6 months on a remote
sensor project, but all the commands are there as well as enough I/O
pins to have different messages, etc. Maybe even an LCD panel - text
only of course..... I'm really new at APRS, and still sitting on the
side lines in SOCAL right now until I can have some free time.... Is
this plausible??



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 >Subject: 	[aprssig] AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!
 >I can't believe I didnt think of this before!  But since Manchester AX.25
 >for the UPLINK to AO16/LO19 using any FM 2m radio is a SQUARE WAVE, you
 >dont even need a sound card to generate it!  Thus, a Resistor and
 >capacitor connected to the DTR line in your serial port to your Microphone
 >jack will let you uplink to AO16/LO19 easily.
 >*** IF *** someone will write the code...
 >It doesnt even need to be a full AX.25 implementation.  Since all you have
 >to generate are UI packets!   Very simple...
 >Anyone want to take a crack at this?  I could glue it into APRS along with
 >some satelite tracking and we would have a Mobile Satellite
 >communicator... FOR ANY 2m FM equiped mobile.
 >de WB4APR, Bob
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