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RE: [aprssig] RE: AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!

Well, OK on the downlink! With only one pin needed for xmit, that would
leave 15 other pins that could be configured to send different
pre-canned msgs. With a simple MAX203 chip, it would be possible to
interface with other RS232 devices, GPS, etc.... With the cost of the
Basic Stamp II at around $50, it could make for a very low cost, easy to
use, and upgrade for mobile pacsat APRS...


 >From: 	Bob Bruninga[SMTP:bruninga@nadn.navy.mil]
 >Sent: 	Friday, September 17, 1999 9:00 AM
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 >Subject: 	[aprssig] RE: AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!
 >Yes, uplink is trivial.  THats all we need for most APRS...
 >DOwnlink is NOT easy.  Takes a PSK modem and SSB receiver...
 >On Thu, 16 Sep 1999 schoon@amgt.com wrote:
 >> Bob:
 >> 	Sounds like an interesting idea! How about no PC at all?? My off the
 >> cuff idea would be to use one of those basic stamps to generate the
 >> square wave output - yeah it's TTL, but does that matter if you're
 >> thinking of using the DTR on RS232?? Not sure what the downlink is, but
 >> if it's manchester as well, then a tap off the discriminator, couple of
 >> transistors or an op amp and feed the radio's output back into the
 >> stamp?? I've only been using the stamp for about 6 months on a remote
 >> sensor project, but all the commands are there as well as enough I/O
 >> pins to have different messages, etc. Maybe even an LCD panel - text
 >> only of course..... I'm really new at APRS, and still sitting on the
 >> side lines in SOCAL right now until I can have some free time.... Is
 >> this plausible??
 >> 73
 >> .mark
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 >> >From: 	Bob Bruninga[SMTP:bruninga@nadn.navy.mil]
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 >> >Subject: 	[aprssig] AO16/LO19 Uplink w ANY PC!
 >> >
 >> >I can't believe I didnt think of this before!  But since Manchester AX.25
 >> >for the UPLINK to AO16/LO19 using any FM 2m radio is a SQUARE WAVE, you
 >> >dont even need a sound card to generate it!  Thus, a Resistor and
 >> >capacitor connected to the DTR line in your serial port to your Microphone
 >> >jack will let you uplink to AO16/LO19 easily.
 >> >
 >> >*** IF *** someone will write the code...
 >> >
 >> >It doesnt even need to be a full AX.25 implementation.  Since all you have
 >> >to generate are UI packets!   Very simple...
 >> >
 >> >Anyone want to take a crack at this?  I could glue it into APRS along with
 >> >some satelite tracking and we would have a Mobile Satellite
 >> >communicator... FOR ANY 2m FM equiped mobile.
 >> >
 >> >de WB4APR, Bob
 >> >
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