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     Hi all, 
        Yes Irrigation Automation Inc. is still there. The owner isn't a 
     ham or anything, but thinks our hobby is neat!. I've talked to him a 
     couple of times and bought a solid 1 1/2 in fiberglass boom from him 
     a long time ago. In fact I'm the one who originally put his address on 
     the web. He just likes to help out. 
        As for the solid fiberglass booms, I think the limit for UPS 
     shipping is 8 foot and the booms should be handled with gloves because
     they could use a good coat of something to seal them with. 
           The price is good and they do stand up. (a 6 ft 1 1/2" probably 
     weighs in at about 25lbs or so) 
          I'm not affiliated with the retailer of this product, In fact they 
     were never intended for amateur radio use but they shure work well. 
          For Field Day this year I put my antenna system with one of these 
     cross booms, mounted to my old KR500 rotor, and a HD73 rotor mounted on 
     a 3ft Radio Shack tripod mounted to a sheet of plywood in the back of my
     truck.  I drove to the field day site, moved the KR500 up the mast a little
     bit and ran the coax and control leads into the operating site. I set the 
     rotor controls to north and 0 degrees, adjusted the rotors to the same and 
     fired it up. Took a whole 5 minutes to set up and was making contacts      
     immediately. I'd do it more often except that the boom for the cushcraft
     2 meter antenna doesn't like the bounce and shows a slight bow where it 
     mounts to the mast. (too long for the antenna boom strength)
                        73, Mike KA7HBB

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Subject: [amsat-bb] FIBERGLASS CROSS-BOOMS
Author:  Non-HP-bwruble (bwruble@ix.netcom.com) at HP-Corvallis,mimegw03
Date:    9/16/99 6:26 PM

Hi all:  I have been using solid cross-bboms which I obtain from:
Irrigation Automation Inc.
9465 Airlie Road
Monmouth, OR 97361
They are very reasonably priced, service is quick, and they work great with 
theYaesu 5400-B, just make sure you get the right diameter (check the 
manual, I no longer remember the max diameter.)
They are heavy, but they won't crush when you tighten down on them.  I have 
had one up for about 4 years with no slippage.
1 1/2" diameter, as an example, ran about $2.35 per foot plus shipping a 
few years ago when I last ordered.
I don't know if they are still in business.  I have no connection with them.
73 de Brian W3BW
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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