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Fiberglass pole question

Put 6 inch lengths of 1" D solid plastic rod or waterproofed wood dowelling
into the ends to prevent them from being crushed when you tighen the U-bolts
on the antennas. It ia also useful to put non-slip tape (like that used on
outdoor steps) on the pole under each U-bolt to prevent the antennas from
rotating. You may also want to paint the fiberglass to protect it from the
Sun. After 4-5 years or so it gets "fuzzy" on the outside from deterioration
due to UV.

I use two 6.5 ft. lengths of similar fiberglass poles joined at the center
for supporting 2 KLM 2M-22C, 2 KLM 435-40CX and 2 KLM 1.2-44LBX. They have
stayed up for 6 years.

The 2 ft. dish will present 3.2 sq. ft. of wind load if has a solid
reflector so keep it near the center of the array. The other antenna
elements must also be at least one-quarter wavelength away from the dish
edge (21" at 2m and 7" at 70cm). 3 feet from the 2-meter antenna and 1 foot
from the 70-cm antenna would be better.


John, KD6OZH

>Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 19:25:48 -0700
>From: "Allen Fugelseth" <allen@cruzio.com>
>Subject: [amsat-bb] Fiberglass pole question
>    I have one of the KLM 7-1/2' fiberglass poles. I has a 1" diameter hole
>through the center.  The pole has a 1/4" wall thickness.  Is it advisable
>fill this with something for greater strength?  The pole will be driven
>a G5400B.  The pole will support my KLM 2M-14C, KLM 435-18C, and a 2 foot
>                                           73, Allen Fugelseth
>                                                 Capitola, Ca.

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