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8J1RL, QSL card SO-35

Today 16-Sep-99 I talked to Kimio 8J1RL in Antarctica via AO-10.
His signal is strong (5/5) when AO-10 is out of the QSB.
Ideal conditions to Europe in the afternoon these few days.
Kimio was calling CQ on 145.900 MHz : THIS IS 8J1RL, CQ OSCAR 10, THIS IS
He asked me to send info about his activities to amsat-bb.
(The temperature there was minus 25° celcius.)


Don't know if this is old news, but maybe some of you might interrest...
I received QSL info for those who want a special QSL card from the Sunsat
SO-35 satellite.
Send a self-adressed envelloppe with your QSL-card + answer coupon to:

Henry Chamberlain ZS1AAZ
Electronic Systems Laboratory
PO Box 2041
Stellenbosch 7599
Suid Africa

QSL cards are available for those who have heard or made a QSO via SO-35.
(Oscar Report HB9SKA)
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