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Re: Thoughts on Courtesy

Well Put Mike!  Too many of us fail to remember just that.  It is only a
hobby and a bit of old fashioned courtesy will always go a long way.

                          "73"      John,   KG5ZA

In The Twinkling of A Star,
  All That Glitters is not Gold!

On Wed, 15 Sep 1999 06:49:36 -0400 "KF4FDJ (Mike in Ft. Myers, FL)"
<seven77@gate.net> writes:
>deral kent wrote:
>> Whoa .....Maybe I should think twice before investing in an all mode
>> satellite rig ......Maybe my two old HF tranceivers kept on HF and
>> occasional contacts on RS 12/13 are the best place for me to be
>> heard.

kf4fd mike wrote:
>I hope none of us ever lose sight of the fact that 90% of amateur
>activity is hobby oriented and supposed to be fun.  Like any other 
>section of society, the satellite community has varied interests, and
>expectations.  Not all operators have the same goals, and therefore,
>common sense should prevail.

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