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Re: friends vs gridsquares


> Let's hear some more new stations!  Good luck!

It takes a certain amount of bravado to even suggest AO-27 is underutilized, 
but I agree with your points.  It is such a unique opportunity that it seems 
wasteful if even a few seconds pass with white noise in the downlink. 

My observations here in the South-central part of the continent (where I can 
often hear 3 passes in a day) are the NE is the most active, but well 
behaved.  The SE has a few regular stations in FL and TX and XE, but much 
white noise for the last 3 minutes of the pass--when all of the Caribbean and 
much of Northern S. A.  is in view.  Where are the sat ops in KP3, Caracas, 
Maracaibo, and Medellin?  

The NW is semi-crowded and seems to have the most trouble with QRM and bad 
habits.  The SW is even more vacant in the last few minutes than the SE, with 
only the usual ops in DM65 and W6 to chat away until LOS.  I suspect the 
AMSAT convention in San Diego will run the batteries dry on these passes, 
though :-))  

Can you reach KH6 from San Diego on AO-27?  If you are from out of town it 
won't count for WAS, but it will still count for DXCC!!!!!

Jerry, K5OE
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