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Miss America Pageant QSL Address

Subject:  Miss America special event station
Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 4:22 PM

Don't forget to send your QSL card request to SCARA PO Box 121, Linwood, nj
08221.  Not to me.

 >From the ARRL site, special events...

  Atlantic City, NJ: Southern Counties Amateur Radio Association, K2BR, 1400Z
Sept 13 to 0400Z Sept 19, operating from the Miss America Pageant. 7.050
7.250 14.250 21.325. QSL. SCARA, PO Box 121, Linwood, NJ 08221.

  K2BR, the Miss America Pageant special event station, will be active again
this year on  HF and AO-27. I will try to work as many  AO-27 passes as I
can during the day, the east coast high pass is your best bet. I will be
operating  Monday September 13 thru Friday September 17. I will be  portable
5 watts with an Arrow antenna from the Atlantic City Airport. A special QSL
card with the new Miss America's picture on it will be issued. I will try to
work everyone on AO-27 that I can, who wishes a card.

   73 Jeff kb2wqm

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