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Re: Flash Disk

I saw this information recently at Computer industry tradeshow.  I thought
It might be of general interest to the NOS-BBS list members as well as
AMSAT-BB members.   This company manufactures solid state disk drives that
they claim are suitable for satellite applications.  Also perhaps for
terrestrial applications where high reliabilty is a requirement.


(I am in no way affiliated with this company, nor can I personally vouch for
the quality of these products)


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From: Bill Vodall <Vodall@bigsky.com>
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Date: Tuesday, September 14, 1999 1:41 PM
Subject: RE: Settings for 286/12 ?

>>Still thinking about putting together a diskless system for
>>mobile ops, by using one of the 286 MBs, if I can figure a
>>way to replace the HDD with a 4Mb EEPROM, and have it boot
>>the OS and JNOS from that.
>TAPR's compact flash adapter works great to replace the Hard Disk
>with silicon.  Of you can buy an IDE flash drive directly from
>Sandisk - which "may" be cheaper in smaller sizes.
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