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Re: friends vs gridsquares

k6yk@juno.com wrote:

> Almost every day on the more westerly passes, there are several 
> continuous minutes of hissing with no
> signals  on the uplink at all. 
> If we happen to be having a little ragchew, we
> stop and invite anyone to check in, but most of the time nobody takes 
> advantage of the opportunity.

Clearly there are *many* fewer groundstations within the footprint during these
westerly passes...and at those time a more leasurely style of operating can be
followed. I'm envious! Maybe my next vacation will be to the Left Coast so I can
hear some of these "un-busy" passes. I've *never* heard a quiet AO-27 downlink
for more than a second or two...but then I'm at 75 degrees West longitude.

It's quite reminicent of the situation on some of the ground-based VHF/UHF
repreater systems in my (Philadelphia PA area) neck of the woods. In the middle
of a weekday, fairly lengthy ragchews occur without bothering anybody, while
curtesy tones and repeater timeouts ensure that urgent traffic can break in when
necessary. But during drive times, when vastly more manned mobile stations are
contending for repeater bandwidth, a much brisker operating pace is required. 

And the bigger the coverage area (the N3KZ link system covers a huge chunk of
the middle Atlantic coastal area, for instance) the more considerate operating
styles become important to useful operation.     
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