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Re: friends vs gridsquares

Much worse than the folks that say hello to each other on a regular basis
are the 
persons who sit and hold the mike button down for 5 minutes at a time and
the ones
that send ugly noises, data tones, etc. that capture the receiver to the
point where
even the "big guns" can't get in.

There are many minutes on many passes when there is "no action" and that
is the
time for the "newbies" or "qrp'ers" to jump in there!  Almost every day
on the more 
westerly passes, there are several continuous minutes of hissing with no
on the uplink at all.  If we happen to be having a little ragchew, we
stop and invite
anyone to check in, but most of the time nobody takes advantage of the

One thing that will help out the newer stations, or anybody for that
matter, is to call
somebody that you can hear.  Just giving out your call once or twice in a
is not exactly an invitation for someone to call you.  We might think you
are just 
testing to see if you can hear yourself on the downlink.

Let's hear some more new stations!  Good luck!

John, K6YK

On Tue, 14 Sep 1999 07:45:33 -0400 Margaret Leber <maggie@voicenet.com>
>On AO-27, part of that courtesy includes remembering that the bird 
>you spend asking "how's the weather" during a busy pass often might 
>been used by a newbie satellite operator to make her first satellite
>QSO. In a 15 minute pass there's not a lot of time for that sort of
>That newbie operator could be one of the "new friends" you'd like to
>make. Maybe HF is a more appropriate environment for such
>relationship-building "fellowship exchanges" with DX friends...even 
>ones you meet on AO-27.
>Or at least a bird with a bit more "hang-time". :-) 
>Looking forward to P3D
> -Maggie-
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