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Re: friends vs gridsquares

Bill Briles wrote:

>  AO-27 is not a ragchewing satellite; but short fellowship >exchanges is one of the main aspects of ham radio. LIKE: "hows the >new rig?" , heath questions "when is the operation" "is the wife >still in the hospital" ect. and yes,even the weather...
> Theres room for all the satellite insterest if a little patiance 
> and courtesy is shown.

On AO-27, part of that courtesy includes remembering that the bird time
you spend asking "how's the weather" during a busy pass often might have
been used by a newbie satellite operator to make her first satellite
QSO. In a 15 minute pass there's not a lot of time for that sort of

That newbie operator could be one of the "new friends" you'd like to
make. Maybe HF is a more appropriate environment for such
relationship-building "fellowship exchanges" with DX friends...even the
ones you meet on AO-27.

Or at least a bird with a bit more "hang-time". :-) 

Looking forward to P3D

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