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AO-27 Protocol (was SUNSAT RX REPORT)

I think this protocol makes lots of sense and allows everyone to share a
very limited resource effectively.   Thanks to Ghislain RUY for coming up
with this idea.  I've copied it here:

As the project manager of SATEDU, that will also include a FM
transponder, the problem of managing such a monochannel to allow the
greatest number to access the satellite led me to the following thoughts
I call it the 'linker' mode.
The principle is very simple : 
Every station makes only one QSO, after what the correspondant takes on
the channel for one QSO and so on.
F1HDD makes the first call, F6AGR answers -> QSO,
Then F6AGR calls, F6BVP answers -> QSO,
F6BVP calls, ON1RG answers -> QSO,

More polite isn't it ?

Have a good sunday.

Ghislain RUY 

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