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Arrived on Kwajalein V73

Hi folks.  I have been on island for 2 months and have been operating on the 
HF bands.  Today I erected a tower with my KLM 435-40CX and Cushcraft 15 
element VHF beam horizonnally polarized with mast mount preamp.  I fired up 
my satellite tracking program, got on the air, but no satellite.  AT 0100 
hours, my satellite tracking program said I had clear shot toward Taipei to 
hit the bird, but nothing.  Can someone send me some time in ZULU and 
locations the bird is overhead so I can calibrate my setup.  Once I get this 
info and get calibrated, I will be active on Oscar 10 satellite SSB and CW 
from V73 Kwajalein/Marshall Islands.

I have a non-functioning elevation rotor and no azimuth rotor (armstrong 
method).  If someone knows of anyone wanting to sell and AZ/EL rotor, please 
e-mail me and let me know price.  I guess I should try and get some large 
sponsor to let me borrow one, but I can not depend on that method.  In the 
meantime, my rotor is froze at 39 deg El.  ANy help appreciated!

My callsign is V73CW.  I am running 100W with a brick if needed and have 
separate VHF/UHF all-mode rigs.  I brought a Heathkit iambic keyer for CW.  
So I will be active on SSB and CW on AO-10.

To Hardy, DC8TS: I am active once I figure out where the bird is.  I did see 
some spots indicating at 1300Z the bird must be in the window with Europe.  
But that is all I know.

Again, Any help is surely appreciated!!!

Bruce/AC4G/Ex-N4GAK/ Now - V73CW

PLease e-mail here at v73cw@hotmail.com for help.

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