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Re: FT-736 CAT pinout needed

(resending due to e-mail failure)

John writes:

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Hi All!

I have a copy of a Yaesu FT-736 manual that shows the 6 pin DIN connector
for the CAT interface wired as follows:

1. GND
2. Serial In
3. Busy
4. Serial Out
5. NC
6. +13.8V

Recently, I was told that this is wrong, and that the correct pinout for
the CAT connector is:

 1. GND 
 2. Serial Out
 3. Serial In
 4. Busy 
 5. NC 
 6. +13.8V

Now, I have the first pinout in black/white from Yaesu (admittedly an older
manual), but at the same time, I trust my second source.....  So, did the
pinout of the 736 CAT connector change at one time, and which one is now
correct, if it did???

Thanks for the help!

==== snip ====

Not to confuse things, but I have an erratum sheet from Yaesu which states:

"The CAT DIN Jack pinout shown on page 13
is incorrect.  Pin 2 should be shown as S IN
(serial input), pin 3 should be shown as BUSY
(TTL squelch state), and pin 4 should be shown
as S OUT (serial output).  Please note that the
jack wiring in the schematic diagram is correct,
and need not be changed."  (exact wording)

This is all fine and good, but that's exactly the way my pinout on page 13 is
shown.  They sent me the erratum in response to my letter telling them that the
description of the data in/out jack (paragraph 8 on page 14) is incorrect.  The
last two sentences should read, "Input impedance (tip contact) is 600 ohms (for
FM mode only) and input signal level should be 30 mVrms.  Output (ring contact)
level is 200 mVrms maximum at 10 kilohms."  (they have "tip" and "ring"
reversed in their description).

The picture that acompanies the above paragraph, however, is correct.

I suspect that there are numerous "revisions" of the manual out there, and
perhaps even different variations of the hardware.  I had to figure mine out by
trial and error.  That (and a couple of other problems) was a hassle, but now
that it's done, I love the radio.

73 - JC,k0hps@amsat.org

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