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Good afternoon amsat,

Sunsat was very strong on the 1100 - 1116 (utc) over Europe.
The signal where strong with low fading. I got about minutes of very
good reception with a dipole on the balcony at the 4th floor of a 10
floors building and completly surrounded.

QRM seemed not to strong but some stations obviously did not made it
through the sat although theit signals seemed to be strong enough
(clearly earable for fractions of seconds). They were crushed by
stronger ones. With the satellite moving to the north, i heard a G
station working with a 3 elts quad (up down ?) and 1 watt.

As usual, the first come thinks that he is allowed to monopolize the
channel and make the max. number of QSO whatever efforts other stations
put through.

As the project manager of SATEDU, that will also include a FM
transponder, the problem of managing such a monochannel to allow the
greatest number to access the satellite led me to the following thoughts
I call it the 'linker' mode.
The principle is very simple : 
Every station makes only one QSO, after what the correspondant takes on
the channel for one QSO and so on.
F1HDD makes the first call, F6AGR answers -> QSO,
Then F6AGR calls, F6BVP answers -> QSO,
F6BVP calls, ON1RG answers -> QSO,

More polite isn't it ?

Have a good sunday.

Ghislain RUY 
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