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Re: FT-736 CAT pinout needed

    I have a copy of a Yaesu FT-736 manual that shows the 6 pin DIN connector
    for the CAT interface wired as follows:

    1. GND
    2. Serial In
    3. Busy
    4. Serial Out
    5. NC
    6. +13.8V

    Recently, I was told that this is wrong, and that the correct pinout for
    the CAT connector is:

    1. GND 
    2. Serial Out 
    3. Serial In
    4. Busy 
    5. NC 
    6. +13.8V

    Now, I have the first pinout in black/white from Yaesu (admittedly an older
    manual), but at the same time, I trust my second source.....  So, did the
    pinout of the 736 CAT connector change at one time, and which one is now
    correct, if it did???

    Thanks for the help!

    John KA1JMF

OK, the problem may be that people can't agree on how pins on a DIN-6 are
numbered.  The numbers on the DIN-6 connector i bought (probably from Rat
Shack) did not agree with the pin numbers given in the manual.  So, go by
the drawing in the manual, using pins according to the geometry given in the
manual, not what's imprinted on the connector.  I recently did a homebrew
CAT adapter and cable from scratch to a FT-736R, and i have successfully
controlled the FT736 from LINUX as receiving S-meter readings from it.  So
the diagram in the manaul appears to be correct, even if some folks number
their pins differently.

                         73's and good luck!

                            -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, RF newbie)

P.S.  "Busy" means the squelch is open, and it has nothing to do with serial
communications.  You may have to add extra delays after some CAT commands
to insure their completion (not all, as suggested by the manual), since one 
doesn't get CTS from this device.
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