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Re: FT-736R KCT/T and Wisp

    Since my last email I've noticed, that you can only have,
    UHF as receive and VHF as transmitt.

    I tried to set up wisp for sunsat and found that the frequency would not
    change to UHF transmitt.

    I could be wrong, if I am can someone correct me.


If you left the device in Mode J, then it will not switch it to Mode B in a
simple manner.  The problem appears to be that the FT-736R can't have the
same band in both transmit and receive.  So you can't change either the
transmit or receive VFO directly from one to the other, if the intermediate
step has the same band on both VFO's.  There are two work-arounds, depending
on your hardware and software.

If you don't have access to source code, use VFO B for Mode B and VFO A for
Mode J, and manually select on or the other before setting it up for a given

If you're a decent programmer and have source code available, then the fix is
to set the receive VFO to a non-satellite band (i use 220) and then set the
transmit VFO to its intended frequency.  Then, set the receive VFO to its
intended frequency.  (Or you can set the transmit to an unused band from,
set the receive, and then set the transmit.)  If you have no optional bands, 
then this may not work and you may have to use the manual method.

Thanks for bring up the question, as you made me think about it and come up
with a fix for my own code rather than doing it manually myself!

                             -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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