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Re: friends vs gridsquares

I agree with you Tom.
 AO-27 is not a ragchewing satellite; but short fellowship exchanges
is one of the main aspects of ham radio. LIKE: "hows the new rig?" , heath
questions "when is the operation" "is the wife still in the hospital" ect.
and yes,even the weather.
I'm not a old timer to satellites, but in Nov of 1992 I got on AO-21. I
didn't know anyone who worked satellites at that time. The fellows on AO-21
let me in to say Hi and as time passed we got to know each other and became
friends (the key - got to know).  We met at AMSAT Symposiums (Coordinated
 over AO-21). We are still making  new friends on AO-27. 
I have nothing aginst grid square, states or county hunting; but only
pointing out that fellowship exchanges are also a part of satellite ham
I've been a ham since 1948 and think Satellite operation is one of the most
exciting modes.
Theres room for all the satellite insterest if a little patiance and
courtesy is shown.


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> From: charles calder <oldtom@gtelco.net>
> To: amsat-bb@AMSAT.Org
> Subject: [amsat-bb] friends vs gridsquares
> Date: Saturday, September 11, 1999 8:37 PM
> Over the past several monthes I have read the many messages concerning
> the ussage of AO-27.Most of these messages seem to me to convey the
> proposion that that ao-27 should be used only for grid square hunting.I
> can not for the life of me understand my why anyone would be more
> interested in what my grid square is rather than who I was or where I
> was located .
> I have been active on satellite radio for about 11 years.Out of
> curisority and before writing this I checked my log.I find that I have
> worked about 1500 different satellite stations.102 countries,and all
> states on three differnent satellites.As I have no interest in the ARRL
> awards program  there are no ARRL awardes  hanging on my wall.
> I am an old retred military man who has found satellite radio to have
> been extremely rewarding.
> What its all about to me is friendship.Saying hello to oldfriends,and
> hopelully meeting new friends is whats its all about.I am writing this
> with some reluctance,but with the encourgement of several of my dear old
> satellite friends...73//Tom..N7MPM
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