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WISP configuration for PACSAT reception on a TH-D7

Now that I'm a proud owner of a TH-D7, I would like to listen to the PACSAT
satellites K0-25 and UO-22 (and any other digital satellites that I can
receive with a TH-D7).  As somebody suggested earlier, I got WISP32 and
installed it for the first time.

I don't understand this program very well, so I desperately need some
instructions on how to configure WISP for KO-25 and UO-22.  I tried to enter
the information for KO-25 but when it asked for my TNC model there wasn't an
entry for TASCO.

With WinOrbit I was able to track KO-25 but I didn't ear anything as it went
overhead.  What does 9600bps packets sound like?  Actually, my squelch
didn't even open.  Since there are no 9600 packet bbs around here, I can't
test my D7 to see if it's even able to copy 9600bps.

I would appreciate any help.



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