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Re: sunsat pass over u.s.

Further observations from EL29:

kk5do@AMSAT.Org writes:
> the pass over the u.s. at 16:37z to 16:55z was excellent. the real audio 
>  be heard at http://www.amsatnet.com   click on listen to our real audio

The 2 meter signal appears at AOL and disappears at LOS with very little 
fading, unlike the mode J downlink on AO-27, it's there and then it's gone.

The first call heard over N.A. was (again) W5ACM, followed in a microsecond 
by KK5DO.  I wrote down about 2 dozen calls, and would guess there were at 
least 60 or 70 2-way contacts, including many mobile and "rover" stations.  
Behavior was quite polite and orderly (well done, ops).

The signal level seemed low (about S5, if you can call that "low") until the 
bird got to about 5 or 6 degrees, then it jumped to S9 + 40 dB.

Jerry, K5OE  
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