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Re: 1 st pass ao-27

Perhaps the control operator was changing the TEPR state?



At 12:08 PM 09/11/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>Hello Group
>Today during the first east coast pass of ao-27
>I heard sstv on satellite ao-27
>Is someone deliberately trying to send sstv on this satellite? or is it 
>ground interference? 
>In my humble oppioun , this is not the satellite for sstv.
>Fo-29 fo-20 and ao-10 are much better candidates for sstv.
>While I'm not in charge of any satellite or much else for that matter. I 
>think paket in the form of (mic -e ) would be a better mode.
>I don't think that on a weekend pass that it makes much sense to try sstv. I 
>am a big fan of sstv and have over 600 pixs from the Mir space station.
But I 
>think that sending even the shortest pix ( robot 32 ) takes 30 seconds and 
>that is almost 1/14 of the pass time.
>Paket (aprs) or mic e encoded would not take more than one second and could 
>give info like home pages or email address for QSLing. 
>I think also that this being the only fm Bird on voice, excluding sunsat, 
>that now that every one and the dog knows how to get on ao-27 it might be 
>time to establist
>a protocal for some sort of way that all can get their callsign heard on the 
>Perhaps the control opperators or the everyday users with 3000 contacts
>suggest a new method of use.
>My suggestion is to limit transmissions to say one or two per pass. Perhaps 
>just giving your call.  I do notice users talking to the same people every 
>pass. E-mail might be a better way to disscuss how your antenna's are.
>We have lots of pacsats fm included that are under used, The ham community
>this time has only the fm voice on ao-27 ( excluding sunsat) and we hams 
>always police ourselves , so maybe some rules are in order on ao-27.
>I don't want to make the rules. And I don't want a flame war. I mostly use 
>the 9600 baud pacsats. The pacsat's have from 1 to 20 users at a time, that 
>don't interfer with each other. the PB and PG programs are very efficent
>for lots of users to use a single frequency at the same time.
>phase 3 d will have a system to black ball users that use too much uplink 
>Ao-27 only has only our good sense and good will and good opperating skill
>to control use.
>Any thoughts?
>Positive input?
>Mic -e?
>Limit uplinks to one or two per pass.
>Suffix's   (a-f) mondays   (g - m)  tues(m- s) wens  ?
>Thanks for reading this and all flames will be deleted not answered.
>My vote self control. Perhaps mic-e instead of regular packet.
>SSTV never.
>Rick KB0VBZ
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