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Re: sunsat update

Hello Hans and Folk's,
-Finally SO - 35 is on the air.
-Packet Beacon Heard starting today at 16.37 Utc and voice contact between a
Houston Station and a other wich I could not copy due to LOS of SO-35.
Unfortunately my position is 3S 60W and AOS is 10 minutes before the
sheduled time
for NA,so I had no major luck in contacting other stations.
Signal were laoud and clear,at least 59,I had no time to check the meter.
Luck to every one.
Regards de Nicolau
Manaus, Amazonas - Brasil
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> SUNSAT Amateur Transponder operation on  4/5 September.
> The ground Control station reports that trouble was again experienced
> with the diary that schedules the amateur  transponder operation (4/5
> September). Reports indicate that the transponder only switched on over
> Australia and Africa. We may
> occasionally encounter software bugs computer hangs, or finger trouble,
> so please regard the schedule as a goal, and not a guaranteed service.
> SUNSAT Amateur Transponder operation for 11/12 September.
> SUNSAT's Amateur transponder is scheduled as listed below.
> Note that the transponder is switched back to mode B due to safety and
> power budget considerations.
> Uplink = 436.291 MHz  (+10kHz/-10kHz max. Doppler)
> Downlink = 145.825 MHz  (Ignore Doppler)
> Saturday 11 September
> 02:59 to 03:15          Australia
> 09:41 to 09:55          Africa
> 10:01 to 10:17          Europe
> 16:37 to 16:55          USA
> Sunday  12 September
> 02:20 to 02:38          Australia
> 10:40 to 10:53          Africa
> 11:00 to 11:16          Europe
> 15:58 to 16:15          USA
>  (All times UTC.)
> The passes over Australia will often enable comms over most of
> Australia, and then the islands North of Australia including Japan.
> Communications between Japan and Australia should be possible for a
> short period.
> The pass over Southern Africa should make comms possible between
> countries like the RSA, Namibia, Angola, Congo, Zimbabwe, Zambia,
> Mozambique, and as far North as Sudan
> On the European pass, comms will be possible between countries in North
> Africa and as far North as France, Germany, and parts of Russia.  The
> satellite will remain switched on to cover the Scandinavian countries
> and Greenland.
> The pass over North America should make comms possible from the Northern
> countries in South America, the Carribean, most of the Eastern part of
> the USA to the midwest, Canada, and briefly Alaska.
> Let's hear from you:
> Please send your comments and experience to saamsat@intekom.co.za
> 73
> Hans
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