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FT-736 CAT pinout needed

Hi All!

I have a copy of a Yaesu FT-736 manual that shows the 6 pin DIN connector
for the CAT interface wired as follows:

1. GND
2. Serial In
3. Busy
4. Serial Out
5. NC
6. +13.8V

Recently, I was told that this is wrong, and that the correct pinout for
the CAT connector is:

 1. GND 
 2. Serial Out 
 3. Serial In
 4. Busy 
 5. NC 
 6. +13.8V

Now, I have the first pinout in black/white from Yaesu (admittedly an older
manual), but at the same time, I trust my second source.....  So, did the
pinout of the 736 CAT connector change at one time, and which one is now
correct, if it did???

Thanks for the help!


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