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Re: Re: [FlexNet] Flexnet PacSat?

In a message dated 99-09-09 22:29:53 EDT, ROTOLO@mbusa.com writes:

> The sound card modem driver has nothing to do with what kind of operating 
> you are doing. The driver handles the interface from the modem (a sound 
> and the PC/FlexNet kernel. The hardware that talks to the radio is 
>  so long as you use the correct driver for it.
>  What you need is a FlexNet *application* that takes the data from the 
> and parses it or whatever you need to do for PacSat operations.
>  Unfortunately, I'm unaware of such an application, so far.


   I'm trying to write a more general software modem for Windows 95
for amateur radio applications.   I have a lot of DSP/Soundcard code 
already written.  That part isn't the problem for me.  I want my program
to appear to be a regular COM port on the machine so that regular 
end user applications can just select that (virtual) COM port and pretend 
it's a (real) COM port with a (real) "modem" hanging off of it.
   In reality, it will just be a VxD creating the virtual COM port and
redirecting bytes back and forth between the end user application
and my DSP/Soundcard driver.

   What I need is the VxD to create the virtual COM port (say
COM3 or COM7) that will take "serial" data from other applications
who think they are talking to a real serial port.  The VxD can
then send those bytes to me and I'll do the soundcard/DSP
stuff to transmit the modulated bytes.  Then I'll take the received 
audio, demodulate the incoming audio back to bytes and I need 
the VxD again so that I can send the data bytes back to the real 

   Does anyone have source code (in *ANY* language) for
such a virtual COM port VxD for Windows ?  Can you
email it to me or give me enough information so that I can
write one myself in Visual C or whatever ?

   Why don't I just use Flexnet? Because it doesn't do the
modulation schemes that I want to use over the air !  Can I
backend my soundcard modem driver onto the Windows 
Flexnet stuff somehow ?

Douglas KA2UPW
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