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Re: Satellite Windows

    I am looking for a satellite tracking program that can determine a mutual
    window between two or more terrestrial locations. Wisp is giving me two
    different answers. The written print out does not match the graphics.

I've been doing by hand for a long time, and so i recently wrote a PERL
program to do that using UNIX/LINUX SatTrack.  If Paul's new program
doesn't have this feature in it already, i'll see if i can supply code to
do that.  I can't run CGI's on either of my WWW servers at this point,
but if someone has one where they can (and where they can have a 'cron'
job update the KEPS periodically), then perhaps the program can be made
generally accessible.

                         -- KD6PAG  (Networking Old-Timer, "RF newbie")
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