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URL for APRS tracking corrected--and comments on the utility of automatic tracking

> Beth and the rest of her family keep a Java console loaded on their > home computers from http://www.aprs.com to view Sid's current 
> position. 

That would be http://www.aprs.NET, right, Mike? <grin> 

This is my last response to comments from that homophobic real estate
agent fellow though...he likes the attention too much. Sad not having a
life like that and all. 

The number of Java-enabled internet-connected devices on the planet
outnumber the HF receivers by a fair piece. Even here at Chez GeekGrrl
we have only two HF receivers (OK, four, counting the two Yaesu VX-5s
:-) ) but there are also five computers: Two Windows, one Linux, two

We *do* manage to keep track of our position at the home QTH *without*
using our GPS receiver, but I doubt that when we're out in the airplane
that air traffic control would appreciate having to track our position
by voice over radio. 

Today that tracking is done by an response to an analog directional
interrogation signal (the response is in fact digital, but the data is
set by me twiddling dials on the panel). If I could do that position
reporting *automatically* as well as digitally it would be a
blessing...and with the position data *automatically* entered the other
pilots nearby might have a display of where we're at *without* recourse
to a voice dialog over radio with a government employee on the ground.  

Sometimes I'm just too busy flying the airplane to keep a good
conversation going with the ground, as anybody who's followed a driver
who's paying a little too much attention to their cell phone (or maybe
their HF rig :-)) will understand. 

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